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Bringing professional ornithologists and students together is what the AOU Student Affairs Committee does best. Actually, that’s what we’re here to do. The AOU provides many resources to help students, such as money to travel to conferences, opportunities to get involved, or a chance to chat with your favorite ornithologist at a meeting. Let the AOU help meet your needs as a student, because with the AOU it’s good to be a student…

Top 5 Reasons to Become an AOU Student Member


Did you know that students can apply for one year of FREE membership in the AOU? This also includes a subscription to The Auk and Ornithological Monographs! More information can be found on the Student Membership Awards page. Info on general membership can be found on the Membership page.

Student awards

The AOU offers several types of awards to student members -

Research Awards Provide support for general research in avian biology, research in specific topic areas, or research by female students.

Travel Awards To help defray the expense of transportation to the annual meeting.

Presentation Awards Given to the best oral or written presentations at the meeting.

Get Involved!

Getting involved in the AOU is a great way to learn about the AOU and meet other students and professionals .

Student Affairs Committee Created to promote student involvement in the AOU, the SAC organizes student events at meetings and serves as a liaison between students and the governing bodies of the AOU.

Activities Participate in student activities at annual meetings, including student-professional socials, workshops, the quiz bowl and more!


Check out our list of useful links for students.


For questions about student membership and involvement in the AOU contact , Student Affairs Committee Chair.