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These sources are not meant to be endorsements; they are simply places where institutions have done business in recent years. All are in the U.S.A., but many deal internationally.

Supply Vendor, Telephone Number, and Website Information Source
(highlighted institutions indicate a link to comments page)

Field and Research Supplies

Archival paper University of California Printing Services. 510-594-7746. (Archival paper for field notebooks). MVZ
Archival paper Crane and Co. (thesis paper). 800-268-2281. LSU
Auxiliary barrels Cabela's Inc. (Browning "Little Skeeters"). 800-237-4444. UAF
Calipers-Digital Fred V. Fowler Co. 1-800-788-2353. MVZ
Calipers-Vernier Forestry Suppliers. 800-647-5368. UAF
Mistnets Association of Field Ornithologists (mist nets). 508-224-6521.
Mistnets Avinet, Inc. 800-340-6387. UAF
Shells (0.410, #12) Cheaper Than Dirt.(search "rio ammuntion" - 12 gauge #12 also available). USNM
Shot (#12) Murmur Corporation. 214-630-5400.
Shot and reloading Balistic Products, Inc. 888-273-5623. KSU, Avinet
Tags-skin University of California Printing Services. 510-594-7746. (Custom order). MVZ
Tags-skull, fluid Avery Dennison Corporation (formerly Dennison Eastman). 626-304-2000. MVZ

Museum Supplies and Services

Binding The Mount Pleasant Bookbinders, HC 71, Box 38-B, Augusta, West Virginia 26704. (High quality hand binding for notes and catalogues).
Binding University of Minnesota Bindery. 612-626-1516. (Institutional binding for notes and catalogues). UAF
Binding Library Binding Company. (800) 792-3352. (Institutional binding for notes and catalogues). UAF
Egg drills Avinet. Avinet
Jars (glass) and lids California Glass Co. 510-635-7700. MVZ
Jars- lid liners Tilley Manufacturing Co., Inc. 800-966-5143. (Polyethylene). MVZ
Plastic bags and buckets Consolidated Plastics Co., Inc. 800-362-1000. MVZ
Plastic specimen tubes Consolidated Plastics Co., Inc. 800-362-1000. UMMZ
Plastic specimen tubes Hilscher Hardy. 1-800-820-5251. Burke
Plastic specimen tubes Plumbing supply store, Home Depot, etc. NCSM
Plastic specimen tubes Tulox Plastics Corporation. 800-234-1118. Avinet
Reloading equipment Gamaliel Shooting Supply. 502-457-2825/2830.
Reloading equipment Graf & Sons. 573-581-2266.
Specimen boxes and trays All Packaging Co., Inc. 800-229-3711. MVZ
Specimen cases and tanks Delta Designs, Ltd. 785-234-2244. MVZ
Vials (glass) and corks Acme Vial and Glass Company. 805-239-2666.

Skinning and Specimen Preparation

Cotton Custom Hospital Products, Inc. 503-231-9663 (70% non-sterile, non-absorbent cotton, 30% polyester fiber, "Custom Cotton with Polyester").
Cotton Henry Schein, Inc. 800-872-4346. (KenVet KV 2287, non-sterile veterinary cotton in 1 lb. rolls). UAF
Cotton Henry Shein, Inc. 800-872-4346. (Veterinary Supplies, 1# non sterile rolls #1000147). UMMZ
Cotton Upholstery Felt Co.253-872-8110. USNM
Cotton VWR Scientific Products. 800-932-5000. (Non-sterile Bleached Cotton, Special Order, Padco Catalog No. 79210006). MVZ
Label and heavy sewing thread Coats & Clark, Consumer Services. 800-648-1479 (#220, color 1). UAF
Scissors, forceps, etc. Indigo Instruments. 519-746-4761.
Skinning dust (corncobs) Mt. Pulaski Products, Inc. 217-792-3211.
Skinning dust (corncobs)

VanDykes Taxidermy Supply Co. 800-787-3355.

Skinning dust (hardwood)

Research Mannikins. 800-826-0654.

Univ. Alaska
Stomach content vials Perfector Scientific, Inc. 805-466-8497 (Securi-Vial, 7 ml, #2142).


Cryo labels USA Scientific. 1-800-LAB-TIPS. ("Cryo-babies," Cat. No. 9188-2000). From Diversified Biotech. UAF
Cryo labels Diversified Biotech. 800-796-9199. (Cryo-babies and Cryotags). MVZ
Cryovials Fisher Scientific. 800-388-8355. MVZ
Cryovials VWR Scientific Products. 800-932-5000.  
Cryovials Perfector Scientific, Inc. 805-466-8497 (LN2 vapor-phase, Securi-Vial, 7 ml, #2142). UAF
Lab markers VWR Scientific Products. 800-932-5000 (Permanent alcohol and waterproof markers, Cat. No. 52877-150). MVZ
LN2 tanks Taylor-Wharton. 800-898-2657.  Product sheet for XT-series cryogenic tanks (PDF) . LSU; MVZ

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For additional comments on supplies, see Winker (2000) and the AVECOL web site.